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Legalizing Mushrooms; The Push For A Legal Shroom Trips

Legalizing Mushrooms; The Push For A Legal Shroom Trips

Legalizing Mushrooms; The Push For A Legal Shroom Trips

No fellow stoners, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. You are reading this right and It's possible that shrooms could become legal in certain states in the U.S. and Canada.


Similar to our beloved Mary Jane

Magic mushrooms or Psilocybin is a natural trippy substance, just on a much larger scale. One trip can last anywhere from 4-6 hours. In 1970 was declared a Schedule 1 substance due to its hallucinogenic properties. Still there are more than a hand-full of repeat mushroom users that claim  relief from once crippling medical conditions in their lives such as PTSD and depression. As fate would have it feeling colors, seeing sounds, and being completely unaware of space and time could be the treatment you've needed to turn that frown upside down.


Research and studies have shown that this psychedelic compound can provide immediate relief from symptoms of depression. Resetting the brain or allowing it to now make new connections and shutting down the ones once causing depression. Shrooms directly affects a person’s serotonin receptors and ultimately adding more stability to parts of the brain associated with depression. 

When a company called Compass Pathways begins the first trials to take place in North America and some in Europe. The Food and Drug Administration is working closely with the Pathway company to calculate the dosage. They'll be starting the trials with about 215 participants or "test patients". Marking this as the largest magic mushroom medical trial to date. We're sure there are tons of psyched out stoners reading right now wishing they could take part. Not to worry though because with so many great scientific and interested minds working on and learning about psilocybin. We could be seeing this mood lifter become legal for medicinal use as early as 2021.


As with any mind or body altering substance it's also a very personal journey and specific to the individual down to the last chromosome. So the next time you're stoned and the munchies monster is getting aggressive. Order mushrooms on that pizza and ponder the possibilities... it could just be the fungus you've been missing in your mental diet too.

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The Difference Between Cannabis Seeds and Clones

The Difference Between Cannabis Seeds and Clones

Leading the high life has never been as exciting as it is today. Widespread legalization of cannabis has helped so many people cope with chronic pain, and it has enabled people to enjoy their soothing habit in more ways than one. However, there comes a time in every experienced stoner’s life to consider doing it all from scratch. Growing your own plants and perhaps even turning it into a lucrative (and legal, imagine that!) business is a dream for many. The starting dilemma you’ll face concerns the way in which you’ll grow your plants once you find a reputable supplier.

There are two main methods to consider: growing your plants from cannabis seed, or using cuttings, also known as clones, to grow your plants from the mother plant. Both have their merits and drawbacks, and you’ll find them both rewarding and potentially successful if you invest enough time and effort into the endeavor. To help you make the right choice for you, here are a few factors to consider.

The genetic versatility of seeds

Once again, it’s time to express our gratitude for the legalization of cannabis. It has enabled us to purchase seeds from a wide array of vendors all over the globe. That simple fact alone is perfect for introducing genetic variety into your own strains. As an experienced stoner, you already know what kind of plants you prefer, and you can try to source those plants’ seeds from your trusted vendors. Then again, you can also ditch the comfort zone and try combining the genetic material from different plants. 

This creativity will let you explore your preferences even further. Sure, you might discover that the end product isn’t as effective or that the flavor needs improving, but you also have the chance to develop your own delicious strain. That’s often what inspires people to give seeds a go even if they start with clones.

The reliability of clones

For starters, using cuttings lets you choose precisely the plant from which your clones will come. In essence, you will ensure that your plant is female, thus producing the buds you need for superb cannabis products. For that very reason, many prefer using cannabis clones for growing their plants from quality sources, which come with the guarantee to be female. 

Reputable sellers have a wide array of clone varieties you can choose from, so you can both ensure the quality and the flavor of your future plant. By eliminating the guesswork from the entire process, you’ll have an easier time growing your first batch of pot from clones.

Seeds as the durable choice

By nature, stable seeds typically produce resilient plants with stronger roots. This alone makes your seed-based plants easier to nurture, and they’ll use the nutrients from the soil more easily. Both of these perks will allow your plant to remain sturdier and less prone to bugs and mites. 

Of course, under the right circumstances and with the right level of care, the same can be achieved with clones, but seeds make it easier to ensure these qualities in your plant. For beginners, this makes it easier to avoid mistakes in the cultivation process. 

Time-efficiency with clone cultivation

One of the main reasons so many growers will rely on clones in their private collections, and even when selling, is the quick availability. Right off the bat you get access to a predictable plant, always female, that you know precisely in which stage of growth it is. 

Cloning helps you skip those initial, grueling cultivation stages of seeding. In that sense, it’s not just time-efficient, but also budget-friendly, since taking care of your clones requires less time and smaller investments. Seeding takes as long as 6 weeks when done outdoors, and there’s no guarantee your seeds will germinate at all. With cuttings, you make the process far quicker, simpler, and significantly more predictable. 

The factor of quality in both options

When you combine genetic versatility from seeds, the ease of cultivation from clones, and the time it takes for both to yield results – you know that quality isn’t a promise every time. Of course, if you purchase seeds from a reputable seller, you’ll get your money’s worth. Then again, if you clone a plant you know to be exquisite, you’re as good as set for your smoking needs.

However, quality is a relative notion. You’ll refine your taste over time, and you should always make room for improvement. Perhaps how you tend to your plants, be it from seeds or clones, will make a difference in the final product. So, as much as you care for the source of your cannabis, you should devote equal attention to your own capabilities to cultivate your plants. 

There you have it, dedicated stoners. Take your time before you settle on the choice, and if you can, you can dabble in both options to see which is better for your own environment and your specific goals. Both are great for personal use and sharing with your friends, but they have their unique challenges, hence the need to educate yourself before buying. Let this guide help you make the most buzz-worthy choice. 

September 04, 2020 — Andy Bertino
Together We Rise: The Entire Cannabis Community Rising Up!

Together We Rise: The Entire Cannabis Community Rising Up!

The dopest weed shirts for the cannabis community are now here to stay!

In the year 2020, StonerDays AKA the young youth, educated stoners of America and all four corners of the world; love to take part in any epidemic we view as cool or fashionable at the time. Little did we know in doing this we are choosing to unite and cause a mass change. How's about we try the same method but with Mary Jane!!

Rally a cypher of two or more of the Cannabis clothing kind and what occurs next can only be described as love with a hint of trippy togetherness. Getting lifted for our kind becomes second nature, but how about the uplifting of each other's heart's and sense of self? Let's finally let our high's travel way beyond the munchies and movies, but to magic bean size growth.
Together We Rise: The Entire Cannabis Community Rising Up!
It starts with an Invite, a smile, a pack of zig zags, or If you're lucky a Milky choke worthy bong. Many meditation practices from various cultures use breathing techniques specifically designed for healing. Stretching many not be your forte, but the crisp Inhale and exhale given to us by the presence of a fresh Garcia cloaked proudly around sparkling mountains of Kryptonite. When the session begins so do positive thoughts and kind ideas, and coughing is only the sound d they make reaching the surface.

The Cannabis Community is Striving and Unstoppable

Warmth of man is what keeps us thriving, and the torch that engulfs our oil rigs on the daily. The Wholesale portion of Stonerdays is where the blue dream businesses, governmental agencies, and clothing lines alike, come for greatness. Together growing and gaining stronger like true chronic Captain Planet.
Progression and momentum are both an upward notion of growth and we love it up here. Stay high in the cosmos with a buddy, because remember... TOGETHER WE GROW.
March 04, 2020 — nick dewitt



There is no better feeling than enjoying wake and bake in your fresh new weed shirts. Plummeting gracefully into your laboratory surrounded by the millions of experiments you've been working on since birth. Click here for FREE dab mats while supplies last. Genius takes place in Dexter's laboratory and is seemingly the only place this red haired boy with a Russian accent is safe from the unrelenting stupidity of his elder sibling. Using the chemistry between himself and cannabis to fuel the chemistry and mayhem behind secret passageways and bolted doors, is exactly what keeps the pep in this brilliant mind's step.

The clear fact that Dexter is a Prodigy with knowledge way beyond his years and then some, holds no weight with anyone in his immediate family or otherwise. Even still he doesn't let this hinder his experiments or creative cannabis clothing. wit when dealing with the outside world or the harassment he gets from his older sister Dee Dee on the daily. In short Dee Dee could be best described as the distractions of life; the ever present and annoying buzz of a fly on your ear on a hot summer day.

Chronic Cartoon

Hence the covert design of this Young man's Laboratory buried deep under the foundation of an American suburbanite home that at times feels like anything other than. The further you travel through the secret unwinding of tunnels and caverns full of knowledge, you'll discover the reason for young Dexter's top secret motives is actually a simple one... To expose his laboratory would mean countless hours of cleaning and hiding the Mary Jane paraphernalia accompanied by an explanation of the thick overcast clouds that smell of sweet skunk overhead.

With intense intelligence comes the intense power of Manifestation that Dexter continues to show us every episode and season. With just a thought he's able to craft inventions comparable to that of Nicola Tesla with the power of his favorite equation standing strong by his side, the almighty THC. He spends countless hours perfecting his research on the elusive and powerful Sativa and Indica strains to see which one matches his 2 foot 3 swag.

No animated series would be complete without a villain of sorts and Mandark is him. Probably hands down the most annoying villain to touch the face of daytime television. HA HA HA... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! An evil laugh that penetrates Dexter's earbuds and immediately excites him to anger but still isn't enough to persuade him to spill any classified information. What Mandark like many others failed to realize is that Dexter is stoned to his high IQ bones and there's nothing that can knock him off his square.

Stay smart and stay trippy guys!!

Check out our main blog more more cannabis content!

February 18, 2020 — Andy Bertino
Trippy Dreams and THC By Trippy Cannabis Clothing Manufacturers

Trippy Dreams and THC By Trippy Cannabis Clothing Manufacturers

Trippy Dreams and THC By Trippy Cannabis Clothing Manufacturers

Here at StonerDays we specialize in trippy cannabis clothing. Going to bed stoned is a luxury that every stoner should experience at least a few hundred times in a lifetime. THC has a way of bringing your dream state to life in other dimensions and realms similar to Inception; a dream within a dream within a high, what could be better? Smoking before visiting the sandman hours or even a few days before can lead to intense colors and shades bursting with vigor and a beauty you've never seen or been able to describe. Stonerdays thought we'd take a closer look at dank doja and dreams and how they're truly connected.

It's no secret that our brains are very active during dreaming, displaying hundreds of scenes as our eyes rapidly move watching and analyzing in the stage of sleep known as REM sleep. The most accurate test linking REM to THC clothing was done in 1975 which proved that THC actually does like to get cozy with the REM state, and when you're really high it slows the process down. This might result in less dreams or a more relaxed sleep in general which is why people suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) have been known to use medical marijuana to treat their symptoms, one commonly being recurring night terrors. These patients found Cannabis highly effective for still having dreams but less frequent nightmares.

A more chill REM state is also what drives insomnia sufferers to blaze the bud as well, Mary swoops in and being the healing herb that she is restfully putting one to sleep better than any lullaby.

Trippy Dreams and THC By Trippy Cannabis Clothing Manufacturers

Our dreams are affected by the withdrawal of or minimal amounts of sticky icky as well, that same scientific study done in 75' suggested that "coming down" from a stone can cause more REM or dreaming activity. This very well could be our greatest sky high thoughts and subconscious desires coming to a mental surface through our dreams. This is the part where it gets really interesting and keeping a dream journal might not be a bad idea. You never know, you may even be able to unlock the hidden mystery that is you, anything is possible through pot!

As stoners many of us also share the love of daydreaming during a good toke session. Being present in two realms at once but somehow equally enjoying them is a true gift. It's a time for epiphanies and sudden outbursts of laughter that you then have to try and explain to your smoke session circle. The ways Cannabis Sativa infiltrates the brain through REM sleep is one of her many talents and just one of the many places she visits in our pot-heads.

Taking the time to blow a bowl and get well needed rest is much more action packed and interesting than it sounds, just ask your dreamscape attendants the next time you remember you paid them a visit. Let's all take one long inhale for the stone you're receiving and the potent motion pictures in your mind's eye you'll get to see in your sleep.

April 20, 2019 — Rene StonerDays
10 Creative Ways To Use Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products

10 Creative Ways To Use Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products

10 Creative Ways To Use Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products

The miracle that is Cannabis Sativa has been being used for hundreds of years. Not just as a way to get carried into the atmosphere. The usage of hemp can be dated back to many ancient civilizations. Even fast-forward to the present where hemp is incorporated diversely in our modern day culture. Let's take a look at 10 Ways to use Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products.

#1-StonerDays Hemp Greeting Cards

Hemp is one of Mary Jane's derivative's if you will, and an excellent material for making paper in more ways than just one.

Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products

StonerDays hemp greeting cards are the perfect gift for any stoner!

Its naturally acid free which means to weird shades or yellow tint over time. Not to mention the great incentive to save the non trippy trees which can take 30 years to become ready for harvest versus only a few months the grow time of hemp.

#2-Hemp Wick

Often you'll see your pothead pals with this nifty stuff wrapped around their lighter steadily adding years onto their lives with each session. Igniting the wick before putting it to your doobie eliminates the inhalation of butane and other chemicals. Camping is another activity where the hemp wick shines due to its durability it finds many uses in the great outdoors.

#3 Food

NOM NOM NOM! When you can find them hemp seeds are and excellent source of protein, minerals, and essential fibers that our stoner bodies crave, and need to thrive. They're perfect to throw in smoothies and a gluten free alternative way to incorporate vitamins into your diet.

#4 Hygiene

Us hippies gotta smell fresh too right? Hemp has awesome oil and mineral properties that make it perfect for body butters, lotions, soaps, and even hair care products. Many head shops will carry cool little novelties like hemp lip balms infused with something like honey that make your lips super supple. This makes hitting the blunt so much more satisfying. Beauty companies are beginning to realize the benefits of this non-toxic product and using it in place of "normal products". This might just be the magic you need in your skin care routine.

#5 Clothing

StonerDays plans on launching hemp shirts in Summer 2019.

Hemp Clothing
Hemp is a fabric that only gets better with time and softens noticeably after each wash. As if the natural snuggle effect wasn't enough hemp comes with built in weather control tech. Keeping you cool in warmer temps and warmer in cooler temperatures. You'll actually find yourself being a whole 4 times warmer than in cotton clothing. It's not much of a secret that hemp makes handy material and believe it or not he first American flag was made from hemp as well as the first pair of "Original" Levi jeans. In past years Cannabis Apparel was a common clothing material before the ultimate domination of the cotton industry.

#6 Diapers

No, diapers made from hemp won't have your precious little one floating into story time or give them the bottle munchies. They will be able to experience once and a lifetime comfort. Mother nature could use a break from the huggies too with diapers taking up roughly 2% of all landfill waste, let's go biodegradable moms and dads!

#7 Paint

Here's another home run for the environment as well as your lungs. We're not sure about you but here at StonerDays we need every brain cell we can get. Hemp-oil based paints don't carry this burden and dry quickly with a great finish that won't impair your breathing or lungs.

#8 Ink

Weed is wonderful for helping you manage your emotions. Hemp can help you take it a step further by helping you express them in word form. Can you imagine the feeling of writing on hemp with hemp! Words and metaphors jumping off the page with the vigor of a jaguar sure to be a short story for the ages.

#9 Construction/ Manufacturing

The best example that comes to mind when showcasing hemp's durability is a test that Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company) conducted. He presented a vehicle with the ability to absorb 10 times that of steel, displayed no dents, and weighed considerably less; this car of course made from hemp. It’s also useful in building structures as cement bricks, stucco, and even insulation.


Even still with virtually no THC content hemp still embodies many healing properties and can be used as a topical antiseptic for burns and infections alike. Patients who have suffered from shingles recorded that using hemp oil helped aid them to a speedy and successful recovery.
With all these amazing uses its a real life mystery and shame that hemp seed had been illegal in the United States. Since the 1930's and considered "Schedule 1" status. Happy hemping stoners!
Hoodies For Weed Lovers

Help Support The Cause 

We are all pushing to the eventual legalization of Marijuana in the USA. By wearing cannabis apparel you are shouting loudly to the people Marijuana is not a crime.
Support the cause in anyway you can, write articles for websites to post. This is easy think of how Marijuana has helped you in your personal life. Design art work in your fashion.

The goal is simple

Follow us on facebook for all the latest on StonerDays!

February 08, 2019 — Andy Bertino
Dab Mats At Wholesale Pricing That Can't Be Beat

Dab Mats At Wholesale Pricing That Can't Be Beat

Dab Mats At Wholesale Pricing That Can't Be Beat

StonerDays Dab Mats at wholesale pricing you just can't beat. Our dab mats are made here in Upland, CA. We specialize in costume designs for anything you might need. Check out our wholesale page and sign up. It's quick and painless. Please feel free to contact us with any question you might have.


Cannabis Sativa stimulates the brain in ways we have yet to fully understand.

All colors become more vibrant, sounds more crisp and touching to the soul, and vibes becoming almost tangible. Psychedelic and spaced out mats like the "Homey Blotter" entice you to start dabbing no sooner than the moment you place it beneath your rig of wonder. Pimping it out and preventing party fouls like breaking glass or sliding when getting lifted. Astronauts displayed proudly on the "Save the Trees" mats take getting high just as seriously as you do earning that sacred space on your get high table.


Bill Nye certainly gets the picture as well, and who can argue with a scientist? Bursts of galactic lavender hues dancing around the planets in harmony with the Science Guy's. With dank dome takes dabs to a level of Nug nostalgia you'll never want to leave.

Getting the perfect design is all in the details, getting up close and personal with THC.

Which couldn't be depicted any better than this tantalizing Marilyn Monroe mat manufactured specifically to take your mind to all the right places. Cleavage and cannabis take yet another win ( as if they could loose ). The realistic dab works of art don't stop there, and if you're not careful you could wind up taking a bite from this fun pepperoni pizza mat when the dabs really start to hit. Or maybe seek inspiration within the grinder mat with luscious green nuggets bursting out around the edges giving you ideas to roll a doob after you ooze.


No need to limit this amazing Mary Jane artwork strictly to oil rigs, they work great as a huge coaster for bongs too! Kiss sticky surfaces and heat damage goodbye and say hello to unparalleled wonder on your nightstand instead. Even though you see the homie Willy Wonka as you torch the goods and inhale its way more than pure imagination how stoned you've just become. The trippiness from the "Mad Shatter" and "White Rabbit" mats is so appealing it seems tangible and it is.

Adding these sick stoner dab mats to your collection brings sessions to life making soaring to new heights truly attainable. Happy Dabbing Stoners!

February 04, 2019 — Andy Bertino
Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents

Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents

Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents

As the sun hits my eyes and they flicker with the gentle pain of a pure lights kisses i realize... I'm waking up, no longer in the dream realm but alive and awake. Eyes open alert and searching, limbs stretching, cracking, all the while taking in breaths of contentment because i know... It's going to be a beautiful 24 hours and the four grams sparkling on my dresser have already begin singing their sweet siren song. Its time to wake and bake.

Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents
First things first, even though I'm eager to return to that castle above the clouds b girl has been barking for her breakfast the whole fifteen minutes it took me to brush, wash, and tame my side show bob hairstyle that greets me in the mirror every morning. While the intense crunching sound coming from her bowl bounces off the kitchen walls I start the coffee.... And like clockwork my hands naturally gravitate towards the rolling tray and blunts, the grinder and the flame. Im on a mission to wake and bake and best believe there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Wake and Baking in New StonerDays Marijuana Clothing

Fully stoned and fueled for all the activities that the day brings I get started on the most important things first... The playlist while cleaning the crib has to match the epic stone that just occurred. Gliding from room to room of my castle effortlessly being Marry Poppins and more productive then previous day's when Mary Jane wasn't around to comfort me.
Wake and Baking in Marijuana Hoodie StonerDays Presents
Now as evening becomes more present, and dusk begins to show his alluring colors, I'm still high... Riding a natural wave of confidence and productivity because I know I've accomplished things...stoner things and life is beautiful.
September 27, 2018 — Andy Bertino
420 Clothing By StonerDays Four Twenty Shirts and Hoodies

420 Clothing By StonerDays Four Twenty Shirts and Hoodies

StonerDays 420 Clothing Collection - Weed Shirts and Marijuana Socks, Dab Mats & Much More...

420 clothing - April 20th reminds us all here at StonerDays about what we proceed to do day after day.

The songs & concerts that we have attended with the sweet smell of cannabis in the air. The vistas and views that we all have captivated while enjoying a community joint or two. The relaxed and community state of mind that the whole Holiday of 420 brings in is what is going to make this particular 420 holiday one of the best of this decade.

420 clothing collection weed shirts

Shop our wide selection of 420 clothing and accessories here

This year 4/20 falls on a Friday and we are celebrating this one with you the World. We want everyone who is enjoying this day with us to be suited and booted in the best 420 apparel ever made. The kush we have passed through our lungs is radiating out into our designs. We're making this 420 turn into a 3 day event and we want all of you, our fans to be ready for the excitement.

April 20, 2018 — Rene StonerDays
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Marijuana Posters You Will Love If You Love Weed

Marijuana Posters You Will Love If You Love Weed

Marijuana Posters You Will Love If You Love Weed

We here at StonerDays love giving you fun marijuana posters to hang on your walls. But so far, the absolute most-favorite thing to do when you’re half-baked on baked goods is to look at some amazing posters and illustrations. As a tribute to that activity, a list of our best posters have been put together for you to have in your room when. Enjoy!

Marijuana Posters "Take Me To Your Dealer 13x19"

Marijuana poster take me to your dealer

Pot smoking Aliens got to make you smile. Take me to your dealer 13x19" inch marijuana poster shows that the aliens really do come in peace. This poster is designed to show your love for herb and it will make you crave for it due to its beautiful illustration which consist of an alien head filled with detailed fluorescent sparks and weed eyes mixed with black to provide you with a higher state of mind. It has a glossy effect and is super trippy, especially on cloud 9. The colors are just absolutely amazing and it delivers sharp, clean images and a high degree of color accuracy that are super rich. This poster is Printed on premium 260 g/m2 (10.2mil) paper for better reflectivity and durability an offset lithography press with a coating to protect the inks.

 Baked Donuts and Kush Cannabis Poster 13x19"

baked marijuana poster donuts and kush

Let’s get baked donuts and kush cannabis poster is a high quality photo print made of semi-gloss poster paper that has a unique meaning behind it that only kush smokers will understand. This cannabis poster consist of a cannabis leaf filled with well baked and delicious donuts with weed crumbs and a mixture of chocolate and pink cream at the sharp edges of the leaf.It has a mixture brown, green, pink which are a mix of very attractive colors. This poster is so attractive that it makes you want to crave for for some delicious donuts filled with a mixture of weed when high. It comes with an epson ultra chrome HD archival links that are super rich and will stay that way for a very long time. Hang this poster on your smoke room wall and let the glazed donuts melt into the kush while you get baked. Original design by StonerDays very own Michael Miramontes after a heavy wake and bake session.

420 Rasta Marijuana Leaf Poster By StonerDays 13x19"420 rasta marijuana poster

It's 4:20 Somewhere. Four twenty is the mecca of all cannabis holidays where stoners all over the world come together to blaze.Stonerdays 420 marijuana poster is the perfect addition to your favorite smoke room!. This is an awesome poster sign which features a pot leaf, numbers 2 and 4 over a black background and the quality of the paper is really excellent, very professional which features a 13x19", a perfect size to rooms and it is mostly perfect for parties! The quality of the poster is really excellent, very professional and it comes with premium semi-gloss paper and features epson ultra chrome HDR archival links that are super rich and perfect when hung at your wall. This is a versatile poster sends a message to every potheads who's favorite time of day is 4:20. 

Forget About Your Worries And Your Strife Bear Poster

cannabis poster

The simple bear necessities, Forget about your worries and your strife poster is a 13x19" dimension poster featuring a bear dressed in sunshades in a weed farm. This colorful illustration will enlighten your room and inspire you during a great session with friends.

For our full selection of cannabis posters click here


January 29, 2018 — Andy Bertino