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10 Creative Ways To Use Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products

10 Creative Ways To Use Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products

The miracle that is Cannabis Sativa has been being used for hundreds of years. Not just as a way to get carried into the atmosphere. The usage of hemp can be dated back to many ancient civilizations. Even fast-forward to the present where hemp is incorporated diversely in our modern day culture. Let's take a look at 10 Ways to use Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products.

#1-StonerDays Hemp Greeting Cards

Hemp is one of Mary Jane's derivative's if you will, and an excellent material for making paper in more ways than just one.

Hemp in Cannabis Apparel and Products

StonerDays hemp greeting cards are the perfect gift for any stoner!

Its naturally acid free which means to weird shades or yellow tint over time. Not to mention the great incentive to save the non trippy trees which can take 30 years to become ready for harvest versus only a few months the grow time of hemp.

#2-Hemp Wick

Often you'll see your pothead pals with this nifty stuff wrapped around their lighter steadily adding years onto their lives with each session. Igniting the wick before putting it to your doobie eliminates the inhalation of butane and other chemicals. Camping is another activity where the hemp wick shines due to its durability it finds many uses in the great outdoors.

#3 Food

NOM NOM NOM! When you can find them hemp seeds are and excellent source of protein, minerals, and essential fibers that our stoner bodies crave, and need to thrive. They're perfect to throw in smoothies and a gluten free alternative way to incorporate vitamins into your diet.

#4 Hygiene

Us hippies gotta smell fresh too right? Hemp has awesome oil and mineral properties that make it perfect for body butters, lotions, soaps, and even hair care products. Many head shops will carry cool little novelties like hemp lip balms infused with something like honey that make your lips super supple. This makes hitting the blunt so much more satisfying. Beauty companies are beginning to realize the benefits of this non-toxic product and using it in place of "normal products". This might just be the magic you need in your skin care routine.

#5 Clothing

StonerDays plans on launching hemp shirts in Summer 2019.

Hemp Clothing
Hemp is a fabric that only gets better with time and softens noticeably after each wash. As if the natural snuggle effect wasn't enough hemp comes with built in weather control tech. Keeping you cool in warmer temps and warmer in cooler temperatures. You'll actually find yourself being a whole 4 times warmer than in cotton clothing. It's not much of a secret that hemp makes handy material and believe it or not he first American flag was made from hemp as well as the first pair of "Original" Levi jeans. In past years Cannabis Apparel was a common clothing material before the ultimate domination of the cotton industry.

#6 Diapers

No, diapers made from hemp won't have your precious little one floating into story time or give them the bottle munchies. They will be able to experience once and a lifetime comfort. Mother nature could use a break from the huggies too with diapers taking up roughly 2% of all landfill waste, let's go biodegradable moms and dads!

#7 Paint

Here's another home run for the environment as well as your lungs. We're not sure about you but here at StonerDays we need every brain cell we can get. Hemp-oil based paints don't carry this burden and dry quickly with a great finish that won't impair your breathing or lungs.

#8 Ink

Weed is wonderful for helping you manage your emotions. Hemp can help you take it a step further by helping you express them in word form. Can you imagine the feeling of writing on hemp with hemp! Words and metaphors jumping off the page with the vigor of a jaguar sure to be a short story for the ages.

#9 Construction/ Manufacturing

The best example that comes to mind when showcasing hemp's durability is a test that Henry Ford (Ford Motor Company) conducted. He presented a vehicle with the ability to absorb 10 times that of steel, displayed no dents, and weighed considerably less; this car of course made from hemp. It’s also useful in building structures as cement bricks, stucco, and even insulation.


Even still with virtually no THC content hemp still embodies many healing properties and can be used as a topical antiseptic for burns and infections alike. Patients who have suffered from shingles recorded that using hemp oil helped aid them to a speedy and successful recovery.
With all these amazing uses its a real life mystery and shame that hemp seed had been illegal in the United States. Since the 1930's and considered "Schedule 1" status. Happy hemping stoners!
Hoodies For Weed Lovers

Help Support The Cause 

We are all pushing to the eventual legalization of Marijuana in the USA. By wearing cannabis apparel you are shouting loudly to the people Marijuana is not a crime.
Support the cause in anyway you can, write articles for websites to post. This is easy think of how Marijuana has helped you in your personal life. Design art work in your fashion.

The goal is simple

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February 08, 2019 — Andy Bertino

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