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420 Clothing By StonerDays Four Twenty Shirts and Hoodies

StonerDays 420 Clothing Collection - Weed Shirts and Marijuana Socks, Dab Mats & Much More...

420 clothing - April 20th reminds us all here at StonerDays about what we proceed to do day after day.

The songs & concerts that we have attended with the sweet smell of cannabis in the air. The vistas and views that we all have captivated while enjoying a community joint or two. The relaxed and community state of mind that the whole Holiday of 420 brings in is what is going to make this particular 420 holiday one of the best of this decade.

420 clothing collection weed shirts

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This year 4/20 falls on a Friday and we are celebrating this one with you the World. We want everyone who is enjoying this day with us to be suited and booted in the best 420 apparel ever made. The kush we have passed through our lungs is radiating out into our designs. We're making this 420 turn into a 3 day event and we want all of you, our fans to be ready for the excitement.

April 20, 2018 — Rene StonerDays
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