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Legalizing Mushrooms; The Push For A Legal Shroom Trips

Legalizing Mushrooms; The Push For A Legal Shroom Trips

Legalizing Mushrooms; The Push For A Legal Shroom Trips

No fellow stoners, your mind isn't playing tricks on you. You are reading this right and It's possible that shrooms could become legal in certain states in the U.S. and Canada.


Similar to our beloved Mary Jane

Magic mushrooms or Psilocybin is a natural trippy substance, just on a much larger scale. One trip can last anywhere from 4-6 hours. In 1970 was declared a Schedule 1 substance due to its hallucinogenic properties. Still there are more than a hand-full of repeat mushroom users that claim  relief from once crippling medical conditions in their lives such as PTSD and depression. As fate would have it feeling colors, seeing sounds, and being completely unaware of space and time could be the treatment you've needed to turn that frown upside down.


Research and studies have shown that this psychedelic compound can provide immediate relief from symptoms of depression. Resetting the brain or allowing it to now make new connections and shutting down the ones once causing depression. Shrooms directly affects a person’s serotonin receptors and ultimately adding more stability to parts of the brain associated with depression. 

When a company called Compass Pathways begins the first trials to take place in North America and some in Europe. The Food and Drug Administration is working closely with the Pathway company to calculate the dosage. They'll be starting the trials with about 215 participants or "test patients". Marking this as the largest magic mushroom medical trial to date. We're sure there are tons of psyched out stoners reading right now wishing they could take part. Not to worry though because with so many great scientific and interested minds working on and learning about psilocybin. We could be seeing this mood lifter become legal for medicinal use as early as 2021.


As with any mind or body altering substance it's also a very personal journey and specific to the individual down to the last chromosome. So the next time you're stoned and the munchies monster is getting aggressive. Order mushrooms on that pizza and ponder the possibilities... it could just be the fungus you've been missing in your mental diet too.

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Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents

Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents

Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents

As the sun hits my eyes and they flicker with the gentle pain of a pure lights kisses i realize... I'm waking up, no longer in the dream realm but alive and awake. Eyes open alert and searching, limbs stretching, cracking, all the while taking in breaths of contentment because i know... It's going to be a beautiful 24 hours and the four grams sparkling on my dresser have already begin singing their sweet siren song. Its time to wake and bake.

Wake and Baking in Marijuana Clothing StonerDays Presents
First things first, even though I'm eager to return to that castle above the clouds b girl has been barking for her breakfast the whole fifteen minutes it took me to brush, wash, and tame my side show bob hairstyle that greets me in the mirror every morning. While the intense crunching sound coming from her bowl bounces off the kitchen walls I start the coffee.... And like clockwork my hands naturally gravitate towards the rolling tray and blunts, the grinder and the flame. Im on a mission to wake and bake and best believe there's nothing you can do to stop me.

Wake and Baking in New StonerDays Marijuana Clothing

Fully stoned and fueled for all the activities that the day brings I get started on the most important things first... The playlist while cleaning the crib has to match the epic stone that just occurred. Gliding from room to room of my castle effortlessly being Marry Poppins and more productive then previous day's when Mary Jane wasn't around to comfort me.
Wake and Baking in Marijuana Hoodie StonerDays Presents
Now as evening becomes more present, and dusk begins to show his alluring colors, I'm still high... Riding a natural wave of confidence and productivity because I know I've accomplished things...stoner things and life is beautiful.
September 27, 2018 — Andy Bertino