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There is no better feeling than enjoying wake and bake in your fresh new weed shirts. Plummeting gracefully into your laboratory surrounded by the millions of experiments you've been working on since birth. Click here for FREE dab mats while supplies last. Genius takes place in Dexter's laboratory and is seemingly the only place this red haired boy with a Russian accent is safe from the unrelenting stupidity of his elder sibling. Using the chemistry between himself and cannabis to fuel the chemistry and mayhem behind secret passageways and bolted doors, is exactly what keeps the pep in this brilliant mind's step.

The clear fact that Dexter is a Prodigy with knowledge way beyond his years and then some, holds no weight with anyone in his immediate family or otherwise. Even still he doesn't let this hinder his experiments or creative cannabis clothing. wit when dealing with the outside world or the harassment he gets from his older sister Dee Dee on the daily. In short Dee Dee could be best described as the distractions of life; the ever present and annoying buzz of a fly on your ear on a hot summer day.

Chronic Cartoon

Hence the covert design of this Young man's Laboratory buried deep under the foundation of an American suburbanite home that at times feels like anything other than. The further you travel through the secret unwinding of tunnels and caverns full of knowledge, you'll discover the reason for young Dexter's top secret motives is actually a simple one... To expose his laboratory would mean countless hours of cleaning and hiding the Mary Jane paraphernalia accompanied by an explanation of the thick overcast clouds that smell of sweet skunk overhead.

With intense intelligence comes the intense power of Manifestation that Dexter continues to show us every episode and season. With just a thought he's able to craft inventions comparable to that of Nicola Tesla with the power of his favorite equation standing strong by his side, the almighty THC. He spends countless hours perfecting his research on the elusive and powerful Sativa and Indica strains to see which one matches his 2 foot 3 swag.

No animated series would be complete without a villain of sorts and Mandark is him. Probably hands down the most annoying villain to touch the face of daytime television. HA HA HA... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! An evil laugh that penetrates Dexter's earbuds and immediately excites him to anger but still isn't enough to persuade him to spill any classified information. What Mandark like many others failed to realize is that Dexter is stoned to his high IQ bones and there's nothing that can knock him off his square.

Stay smart and stay trippy guys!!

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February 18, 2020 — Andy Bertino

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