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2018 Evolving Trends for Cannabis

2018 Evolving Trends for Cannabis

2018 Evolving Trends for Cannabis

As more and more states are moving towards the legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, the cannabis commerce has boomed. It is considered to be nation’s fastest growing industry, spread across sectors from food to technology.

This has presented numerous opportunities from the cannabis industry, along with several emerging trends that have been identified.

Let’s take a look at the evolving trends for Cannabis for 2018.

Cannabis Clothing

Designers globally have been using the symbol for the marijuana leaf in their cannabis clothing collection. For Fall 2016 collection, Alexander Wang used the black- and- white pot design on coats and mohair skirts for a grunge look. Spring 2015 saw Mara Hoffman had cannabis leaves made across trousers and flowy maxi dresses. A$AP Rocky was spotted wearing a greenwashed Adidas logo ny Jeremy Scott.

stoner days cannabis clothing

Cannabis symbolism on clothing no longer sends a signal that the wearer of the clothing is a stoner but instead has become a symbol of freedom and the ability to express yourself in whatever way they would like. The trend is only catching on.

Science and research

The most important trend that has emerged with the federal government ease on marijuana based research and explosion in cannabis products, is the science supporting cannabis usage, efficacy and safety, closing the gap between research and policy.  


Top luxury beauty brands with products ranging from massage oil, body serums to aromatherapy candles, have new hemp seed based range lined up and selling equally well in comparison to conventional products. Hemp seed oil is being touted to have omega fatty acids and amino acids in the ratio similar to human DNA and helps improve skin and hair condition.


The breakout ingredient in the cannabis industry is the CBD oil, thanks to its steady rise in its retail growth and investments. This trend is expected to continue through 2021. CBD oil has medicinal and therapeutic benefits. A non-psychoactive extract from cannabis, CBD oil is showing up in lot of beauty and wellness products today.  


One of the key factors that led to development of the cannabis industry is its medicinal benefits and applications to certain diseases. While medical consumers currently makeup a vast majority of the industry consumer, the ratio is expected to change with the advent of recreational cannabis market growth. However, the research and usage will continue to expand over the years.

marijuana beanies

Artisanal Products

With the traction in the world of corporate cannabis, the emphasis will soon move to small artisanal producers with small batch, unique, superior quality and specialized marijuana products. Cannabis companies will focus on artisan products with high end packaging as the consumers will warm up to luxury products, especially attractive packaging of vape pens. Luxury edibles and farm-to-table markets will also be on the rise. 


Reports have shown that cannabis tourism has seen a significant increase with the advent of recreational marijuana. Weed-friendly inns, tours of local grown operations and cannabis massage are just a glimpse of what the future holds in the world of marijuana tourism. 


According to the report from Salar Media Group and cannabis lifestyle website Civilized, the cannabis cultivation is leading to advancements in water and sustainability practices in agriculture. When California passed the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) last year, it set new safety, health standards along with requirements for water consumption and prohibiting the use of volatile or poisonous solvents in cannabis preparations.

This has led to cannabis companies focusing on efficient use of water, rainwater harvesting, solar power usage along with efforts to reduce the carbon footprint. 

Genetic and intellectual property

The report also says that the future of the cannabis industry lies in product consistency and quality that can be derived from advances in genetics. Genetic advancements will help in creating more predictable and consistent products.

Luxury Cannabis Brands

The newest trend that depicts the height of cannabis industry is the rise of luxury cannabis products. Products ranging from marijuana cigar to chocolate bars contain high quality cannabis with fancy packaging are becoming increasingly popular. Not just products, but luxury cannabis brands are also focusing on high-end dispensaries and and gold rolling papers.

Consumer Research

As a combined effect of the rise of cannabis interest and use, there are advances in cannabis consumer research to fetch more data and make the industry consumer focused and smarter. Companies like software management company BioTrack THC and cannabis delivery company Eaze are using their data to create custom consumer reports.

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State regulation requires the companies to provide seed-to-sale tracking data, have given way to software solutions to provide a seamless link between companies and government.  


With more states beginning to legalize marijuana, these trends will continue to grow and gain momentum with more social acceptance. Once the industry gets federally legalized, North America will witness exceptional growth rate in sales volume, more scientific research, fresh products and increased investor interest.

December 04, 2017 — Andy Bertino
Marijuana Products That Every Self Respected Stoner Should Own

Marijuana Products That Every Self Respected Stoner Should Own

Marijuana Products

The products will make you a full-grown and well functioning cannabis aficionado. If you have a healthy smoking (or dabbing) habit, one should also pay close attention to several novelty items that should definitely be included in your pot-repertoire. 

Naturally many of these goods aren’t really necessary to perform the art of smoking weed, but to get the full dose of swagger and become a true pothead connoisseur, you should undoubtedly own a variation of all this merch I’m gonna introduce to you in a moments time.

As I previously said, many of these aren’t really required to achieve a high, but if you desire to go full-baller, you should think on getting yourself some of this stuff.

Okay so let us commence.

The first item we’re going to cover is Dab Rigs.

Dab rig Wiz Khalifa

Dab rigs are pretty much all the rage in the weed world currently, and they are a new alternative to vaping, meaning it’s much healthier to inhale oil, extracts or concentrates then the usual old-school way of smoking.

Dab Mats

StonerDays dab mats

You can use shatter, BHO, and many other forms of pot concentrates on StonerDays dab mats. You can take a dab by heating the designated surface of the rig, placing the concentrate on the surface and inhaling the smoke. The smoke was previously cooled by the water inside of it, similar to a water-bong. 

Another high-tech gadgetry we’re mentioning are definitely Vaporizers, or colloquially spoken - Vapes.

Vape tricks with vaporizers

Vaporizers are also a part of an awesome futuristic trend where the market realizes that the ingestion of harmful smoke (even with cannabis-only joints) can be harsh on your health in the long run.

Vapes have a small furnace inside of them which basically boils the bud with really high temperatures, releasing the almost tasteless vapor which is then enriched with THC, CBD, or a combination of these two cannabinoids.

The main difference between smoking and vaping is that without the combustion (aka burning) of the bud, you don’t expose your lungs to carbon and other unwanted elements and chemicals.

Next stop, Hemp Organic Vegan Rolling Papers.

hemp organic rolling papers

In today’s world, being conscious about the environment and at the same time yourself is a huge part of being a cool-cat.

In past times rolling paper companies could afford to be non-eco friendly and bleach their product with various chemicals and lessen your health by doing so, but that trend is finally coming to a halt.

There are several excellent choices available worldwide that provide an excellent alternative to the huge companies, and their product is much better for the individual that smokes it, but also for the entire planet.

Grinder Watches are the future.

weed grinder watch

In order to be a full grown stoner, you should definitely own a grinder watch (especially one of those that has several separate chambers), and a fancy Wooden Box is also an awesome way to store your weed at home.

Also some Eye Drops are a great way not too look like the Terminator if you’re out and about. 

homer red eyes visine


About the author:

Marco is an over-a-decade long pot lover, delighted to turn his passion into a profession as a cannabis-culture writer at His other interests include reading about conspiracy theories, chilling heavy and usually just keeping it quite real.



September 27, 2017 — Andy Bertino
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Marijuana Flags - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Marijuana Flags - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

Introducing Marijuana Flags!

Made with 100% polyester. Our Marijuana Flag has 2 metal grommets to hang from a flagpole or on a wall. Standard size 3 X 5 Feet. Durable for indoor and outdoor. Here at StonerDays you can find any and everything stoner related and then some. StonerDays is a stoners main source for everything on marijuana. Fans can shop for stoner clothing online or get the latest information on trending topics on our Stoner Blog.

Pictures below:

marijuana flagmarijuana flag
marijuana flag canada leaf
marijuana flag canada leaf
marijuana flag psychedlic
marijuana flag legalize it
marijuana flag legalize it
April 03, 2015 — Andy Bertino
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Tees and Tanks Stoner Apparel

Tees and Tanks Stoner Apparel

Tees and Tanks Stoner Apparel

With the worst of winter behind us (knock on wood) and spring break imminent, now is an ideal time to start stocking up for warmer weather.  A quintessential staple in any wardrobe, can never have too many t-shirts.  You can still get your orders in and have stuff shipped out on time before flying off to your spring break destinations.  (Free shipping on all orders over $75 & your own Stonerdays nug mug.  Did someone say coffee...?  Note: Free USPS shipping within US for orders $75+) All our tees and tanks are 100% ring-spun cotton, giving it that soft, supple feel yet more substantial than your typically 50/50 blended tee.  The shirts all have our logo silk-screened on (we see you MJ - Hanes ain't the only game in town with tagless tees that don't bunch up around your neck).  And did I mention NAFTA-friendly to cap things all off?  Alright enough with the sales pitch and onto the goods... Throw it back with some of our designs paying tribute to the classics - Pink Floyd's Dank Side of the Moon and E.T. getting so blazed he don't need to phone home anymore:


  If you're not looking to fly the stoner flag so boldly in everyone's face, no worries we've also got more lowkey alternatives: enjoy-stonerdays-mens-shirt   OK forreal...



  And not to be forgotten about is St. Paddy's Day!  Freshen things up and get in the spirit with a splash of green to pair with your greens.  This one's on sale right now: green_higher_state_of_mind-300x300   For those of you going to Ultra at the end of the month, you know you'll need at least one tank to rock while you're in Miami.  Why not make it a stoney one?  Thank us later when everyone is asking you where you got yours.

WOMENS-PEACE-OUT-TANK-545x545-300x300 mens-tank-bob-300x300

higher_state_of_mind_tanktop_rasta-300x300 womens-tank-good-vibes-300x300

Finally, I'm just gonna end on this one cause I know chicks love their cats:


Tees and Tanks Stoner Apparel

March 09, 2015 — Andy Bertino
Stonerdays Silicone Dab Mats

Stonerdays Silicone Dab Mats

Stonerdays Silicone Dab Mats

stonerdays silicone dab matsRecover 100% every time. Engineered specifically for concentrates, these StonerDays Silicone Dab Mats allows you to handle the stickiest wax with ZERO waste or mess.  Production and collection are a breeze.  Never scrape again, nothing sticks to our Mats!


  • Completely non-stick, the Silicone Dab Mat is the perfect surface for handling your precious extracts and protecting your glass tools
  • It’s the perfect surface for drying water extracts
  • Sticky tools stay clean of debris, while slippery glass stays put
  • An environmentally friendly alternative to parchment paper
  • The reinforced surface is non-stick, heat resistant, and completely reusable
  • Microwave and hot-plate safe. The unique material spreads heat evenly when used for purging and handles temperatures up to 500°F
  The highest grade of silicone available, our unique material is manufactured from medical grade (USP6) silicone.  Unlike Food Grade silicone, USP6 material is completely free of manufacturing byproducts and is comprised only of pure silicone. Don’t settle for cheap imitations, Only StonerDays Silicone Dab Mats has no bad odors, smells or flavors that can affect the purity of your extract.

Stonerdays Silicone Dab Mats

March 06, 2015 — Andy Bertino
Marijuana Tank Tops for Men and Women

Marijuana Tank Tops for Men and Women

Marijuana Tank Tops - Marijuana Clothing for Men & Women

We wear our  Marijuana Clothing & Hoodies by StonerDays every  day. That being said we make sure our shirts are going to be the most comfortable shirt available. Every order includes a free slap pack and will be on its way to you in less then 24 hours. We take pride in happy customers so we make sure every product that goes out the door is 110% quality.  The StonerDays store has been revamped and stock full of quality StonerDays merchandise. From coffee mugs to tank tops to bongs we have everything a stoner needs. Our shirt and tank top designs our done in house and our exclusively sold on so this is the only place you can get it. We have dozens of shirt, tank top and hoodie designs to choose from. All made out of the best fabrics and print known to man kind.
marijuana tank tops

Made from the Best Stuff on Earth

Women's tanks are the perfect blend of cotton, polyester and spandex giving you the snug, stretchy awesome feeling when you put one one. The cotton makes them soft while the polyester makes them fade resistant and then the spandex makes it never stretch out . Men's tanks are 100% combed ring spun cotton cause you know the guys love cotton. Making them out of cotton allows us to use a screen printing method called discharge base. Discharge base bleaches and dies the fabric again instead of painting the surface. Which makes it feel like there is no print at all. marijuana tank tops     

Marijuana Tank Tops - Marijuana Clothing for Men & Women


July 15, 2014 — Andy Bertino
Marijuana Shirts 420 Friendly Clothing

Marijuana Shirts 420 Friendly Clothing

Marijuana Shirts 420 Friendly Clothing

High quality Marijuana Shirts & Hoodies by StonerDays.  All orders include free stickers and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Find Marijuana shirts and dab mats for everyone. Shop our online store for popular 420 friendly designs! We have a huge selection of unique, Higher state of mind men's and women's rasta tees. With so many, it's simple to find that one-of-a-kind tee that expresses your higher personality. marijuana shirts We have marijuana shirts in different styles, color, and sizes. Find your favorite design on Classic, Tanks, Dolmans and V-neck tees. There is no minimum order size and our products have fast shipping. Can't find the perfect Weed shirt? It is easy to buy stoner clothing from our online store!

marijuana shirt peace sign

Marijuana Shirts and accessories for Medical Marijuana Smokers. Large selection of marijuana cshirts, pot t-shirtsweed posters, dab mats, pipes, bongs and more!

Winter is almost over and if you already picked up a Stonerdays hoodie, it’s about time to start thinking about your summer clothes. Fortunately, you’ve got a large variety of choices if you’re looking for some sweet new marijuana shirts and you happen to be shopping at From tank tops to v-necks, you can find what you’re looking for in the store that won’t only keep you cool once the sun starts to really heat things up again but will look good as well! Enjoy StonerDays!

Stonerdays works extremely hard to make our stoner clothing as comfortable and as well fitting as possible. Sizes are pretty standard so if you’re a small in your normal hoodie/tank/tee, you can be assured that ordering a small from Stonerdays will get you a shirt that fits you right. As someone who constantly has bad luck ordering marijuana clothes off of the internet, I wouldn’t lie to fellow stoners about the quality of 420 friendly clothing. You’re always getting what you ordered when you buy from us here at Stonerdays, a shirt that was made with lots of stoner love and something that you can wear with pride.

Back In Stock! Rasta Higher State of Mind Green:


Being comfortable is important when buying clothes as well. If you’re still thinking about buying a hoodie from Stonerdays, I strongly suggest that you get on it. The material is incredibly soft, providing a large amount of insulation for those cold winter nights (that we thankfully don’t have to deal with much longer). Staying warm in a hoodie from us is pretty easy and so is staying cool in the Stonerdays tanks. Made of ribbed cotton, the tanks breathe easily, allowing people in the hotter places to show their stoner pride and be comfortable at the same time.

higher wake n bake stonerdays

It’s always hard to find quality Marijuana Shirts 420 Friendly Clothing, especially with the bunches of different companies that are coming forward these days. Stonerdays appreciates our customers and we work very hard to make our clothes the highest grade possible so that you enjoy them when you get them. From comfy hoodies to awesome v-necks and cool tank tops, the clothes you get from Stonerdays are made in Upland, California by stoners for stoners! Always remember to consider Stonerdays when buying new marijuana shirts!

June 19, 2014 — Andy Bertino
Marijuana Posters for Stoners

Marijuana Posters for Stoners

Marijuana Posters for Stoners

These huge StonerDays marijuana posters are perfect for decorating any stoner pad, garage or anywhere your creative mind takes you! Printed on Full-Bodied 100lb paper and coated with a glossy finish for better reflectivity and durability. You will be satisfied with your product! FREE sticker pack with every order and FREE USPS Priority Shipping (1-3 Day Delivery) in the US.


We have four different weed posters to choose from:



Life Is Good:


Bob In 3D:


Major League Stoner Poster:


Mix and Match Pricing:

  • 1 for $14.99

  • 2 for $21.98

  • 3 for $26.97

  • 4 for $30.00

Weight: 3.8oz – Dimensions: 24″ x 36″

StonerDays takes pride in serving the stoner community! These Marijuana Posters are made by Stoners for Stoners. Enjoy.

  • decorate your walls with this brand new poster
  • easy to frame and makes a great gift too
  • ships quickly and safely in a sturdy protective tube
  • measures 24.00 by 36.00 inches (60.96 by 91.44 cms)
Celebrate this 4/20 with your choice of a marijuana / pot / weed poster. Decorate your home, office, or sesh spot with these awesome, even beautiful marijuana posters. Also check out our stoner clothing to take the good fight with you ... wherever you go!  

High quality Funny Marijuana related Posters by StonerDays

This is a must have for every serious cannabis connoisseur! Heavy Quality paper. We hope you find these posters fun, and would like to share them.  "I think that marijuana should not only be legal, I think it should be a cottage industry. It would be wonderful for the state of Maine. There's some pretty good homegrown dope. I'm sure it would be even better if you could grow it with fertilizers and have greenhouses." - Stephen King     - See more at:
May 23, 2014 — Andy Bertino
Dab Mats by StonerDays

Dab Mats by StonerDays

Dab Mats by StonerDays - Shop Stoner Days

StonerDays Dab Mats by StonerDays are the dopest smoking accessory when it comes to protecting your glass pieces from becoming pieces of glass.

Every Dab Mat  is created from durable 1/8″ laminated shock absorbent rubber, the best choice for protecting your dab rigs, water pipes and glass bongs from hard surfaces and accidents. Happy dabbing, stay blazed!

With sixty different dope dab mat styles you and your friends will be dabbing with a smile.

  • Bulk discounts available.
  • Works as a dab mat.
  • Makes for a nice rolling surface.
  • Easy to clean

StonerDays has six marijuana dab mats to choose from you can see more at

What is a dab mat?

Dabs: noun 1. a form of marijuana concentrate commonly in wax or oil form

Example: “A dab will do ya good.”

The old saying, “a dab will do ya,” has never been more true than in this scenario. The term “dab” is derived from the correct use of the actual noun as in “ do you want a dab,” when referring to this concentrated oil. It later evolved into, “hey, let’s dab.” Dabs are known for their incredibly high potency levels which some are said to reach into the 90th percentile. These little dabs can pack a mean punch and when using them, require a bit of attention. A dab in its wax form is a bit different than other concentrates in the way that you can’t just put it atop your tree and smoke it. More often than not, a regular lighter flame will not be hot enough to melt it. This, my friends, is where the “oil rig” makes its debut to the stage. An oil rig is a bong designed specifically for smoking dabs.

One hit from a concentrate bong is most comparable to smoking one moderate sized joint.

The potency and excitement of the dab is what adds to its popularity today. Most dispensaries carry them, you just ask for them by name and you’ll be soaring in no time. 

NEW StonerDays Dab Mats. Collect them all!


May 23, 2014 — Andy Bertino
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