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Together We Rise: The Entire Cannabis Community Rising Up!

The dopest weed shirts for the cannabis community are now here to stay!

In the year 2020, StonerDays AKA the young youth, educated stoners of America and all four corners of the world; love to take part in any epidemic we view as cool or fashionable at the time. Little did we know in doing this we are choosing to unite and cause a mass change. How's about we try the same method but with Mary Jane!!

Rally a cypher of two or more of the Cannabis clothing kind and what occurs next can only be described as love with a hint of trippy togetherness. Getting lifted for our kind becomes second nature, but how about the uplifting of each other's heart's and sense of self? Let's finally let our high's travel way beyond the munchies and movies, but to magic bean size growth.
Together We Rise: The Entire Cannabis Community Rising Up!
It starts with an Invite, a smile, a pack of zig zags, or If you're lucky a Milky choke worthy bong. Many meditation practices from various cultures use breathing techniques specifically designed for healing. Stretching many not be your forte, but the crisp Inhale and exhale given to us by the presence of a fresh Garcia cloaked proudly around sparkling mountains of Kryptonite. When the session begins so do positive thoughts and kind ideas, and coughing is only the sound d they make reaching the surface.

The Cannabis Community is Striving and Unstoppable

Warmth of man is what keeps us thriving, and the torch that engulfs our oil rigs on the daily. The Wholesale portion of Stonerdays is where the blue dream businesses, governmental agencies, and clothing lines alike, come for greatness. Together growing and gaining stronger like true chronic Captain Planet.
Progression and momentum are both an upward notion of growth and we love it up here. Stay high in the cosmos with a buddy, because remember... TOGETHER WE GROW.
March 04, 2020 — nick dewitt

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