Trippy Dreams and THC By Trippy Cannabis Clothing Manufacturers

Trippy Dreams and THC By Trippy Cannabis Clothing Manufacturers

Here at StonerDays we specialize in trippy cannabis clothing. Going to bed stoned is a luxury that every stoner should experience at least a few hundred times in a lifetime. THC has a way of bringing your dream state to life in other dimensions and realms similar to Inception; a dream within a dream within a high, what could be better? Smoking before visiting the sandman hours or even a few days before can lead to intense colors and shades bursting with vigor and a beauty you've never seen or been able to describe. Stonerdays thought we'd take a closer look at dank doja and dreams and how they're truly connected.

It's no secret that our brains are very active during dreaming, displaying hundreds of scenes as our eyes rapidly move watching and analyzing in the stage of sleep known as REM sleep. The most accurate test linking REM to THC clothing was done in 1975 which proved that THC actually does like to get cozy with the REM state, and when you're really high it slows the process down. This might result in less dreams or a more relaxed sleep in general which is why people suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) have been known to use medical marijuana to treat their symptoms, one commonly being recurring night terrors. These patients found Cannabis highly effective for still having dreams but less frequent nightmares.

A more chill REM state is also what drives insomnia sufferers to blaze the bud as well, Mary swoops in and being the healing herb that she is restfully putting one to sleep better than any lullaby.

Trippy Dreams and THC By Trippy Cannabis Clothing Manufacturers

Our dreams are affected by the withdrawal of or minimal amounts of sticky icky as well, that same scientific study done in 75' suggested that "coming down" from a stone can cause more REM or dreaming activity. This very well could be our greatest sky high thoughts and subconscious desires coming to a mental surface through our dreams. This is the part where it gets really interesting and keeping a dream journal might not be a bad idea. You never know, you may even be able to unlock the hidden mystery that is you, anything is possible through pot!

As stoners many of us also share the love of daydreaming during a good toke session. Being present in two realms at once but somehow equally enjoying them is a true gift. It's a time for epiphanies and sudden outbursts of laughter that you then have to try and explain to your smoke session circle. The ways Cannabis Sativa infiltrates the brain through REM sleep is one of her many talents and just one of the many places she visits in our pot-heads.

Taking the time to blow a bowl and get well needed rest is much more action packed and interesting than it sounds, just ask your dreamscape attendants the next time you remember you paid them a visit. Let's all take one long inhale for the stone you're receiving and the potent motion pictures in your mind's eye you'll get to see in your sleep.

April 20, 2019 — Rene StonerDays

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