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Leading the Industry with Wholesale Cannabis Clothing

Leading the Industry with Wholesale Cannabis Clothing

Leading the Industry with Wholesale Cannabis Clothing

It's time to lead the industry with Stonerdays Wholesale. We strive to see your sales increases with top of the line product. The spark of innovation always ignites when you pair the two, and Stonerdays has the bowl to your bong when it comes to wholesale cannabis clothing.

wholesale cannabis hoodies

Hoodies are the perfect all year round comfy accessory that everyone buys in two's and three's. Our Higher State of Mind hoodie collection is the perfect attention grabber in any clothing department while at the same time styled in a way to attract happy customers in a diverse market range. To enjoy anything is what it means to live and the overjoyed tye-dye "Enjoy" hoodies are just what the doctor ordered.

cannabis wholesale hoodies

THC T-shirts bringing timeless classics boldly to the present like the Great Bambino Tee. On such a large scale there's no way not to take advantage of amazing wholesale deals while getting exclusive designs. Don't trip over these selections selling out super fast within your company. Wholesalers receive free shipping on all orders over $75 plus an impressive 50-75% off retail prices. Vibrant colors on Tee's like the Einstein and Wonka shirts stand out making any pieces an obvious fashion statement.

Signature dab mats from the "Catstronaut", " Marijuana LP", and multiple Wu-Tang choices, there's really no wrong turn here either. If it's one thing stoners love is convenience and cool stuff and clearly we've got mats to combine the two.

Please feel free to contact us by phone at 909-981-8420 or simply sign up at our wholesale sign up page.

February 06, 2019 — Andy Bertino