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All NEW Creativity Mat Sets: The Coloring Book For Dabbers!

All NEW Creativity Mat Sets: The Coloring Book For Dabbers!

All NEW Creativity Mat Sets: The Coloring Book For Dabbers!

This trippy collection defies all boundaries and puts a new spin on one of our favorite pastimes...DABS!

Stonerdays wants to see you put your best high designs to the test and let your imagination run wild. We're blasting into summer with "Creativity Mats" dab mats with a color-less design just waiting for your stoned mind to take the wheel.

creativity mat sets

Complete with a 20 pack of markers, you and your pot-head tribe are ready to hit the rig and instantly see how the THC manifests through color.

Styles vary from psychedelic mushrooms and hippie style abstract thought, to mandala designs with delicate detail that work great for meditative thought and calm peaceful moments. Its hands down the ganja gift that keeps on giving, and so much more than a trip in the clouds but also the freedom and opportunity to let the imagination run wild in their soft embrace.

Kaleidoscope like geometric patterns appear blank on arrival, but instantly after one sweet exhale your brain brings back every vivid and blissful memory of General Store toys in the sunlight. Enjoying your stone is more precious than fine metals and jewels, so by all means take full advantage.

Mary Jane is the sacred healer that births creativity through cannabinoids in the brain. Expressing raw feeling and getting stoned is a way of life that Creativity Mats combines with ease. Markers morph into keys to a Kingdom you'll never want to leave and leave you in a state of nirvana.

Make your mark on the walls of your being you forgot were there. Grab the rig, a dope Creativity Mat, and go where no man has ever gone.

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