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Introducing The Weed is Legal In My House Welcome Mat!

Introducing The Weed is Legal In My House Welcome Mat!

Weed is Legal in my House

Every stoner can appreciate the feeling of being welcome, and this Stonerdays "Weed is Legal in my House" mat has done so without even having to say it! There will be no misunderstanding to visitors entering your dank domicile that Mary Jane is invited as well. A statement that's short, sweet, and to the point but speaks volumes nonetheless.

Under certain state regulations MMJ users are technically "only" supposed to get stoned in the home, and displaying this message adds great style and emphasis on your cannabis castle.

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Weed Is Legal In My House Door Mat

Still there's much more to be offered than a powerful statement and sleek design, and just like weed this thing knows how to get the job done. Made to weather the storm, it water repellent as well as heavy so windy rainstorms pose no threat to this unique mat. Or maybe you'd like to spruce up the entrance to your man/bat cave, its also multi-functional for indoor use because stoner decor knows no limits.

As stoners our favorite thing in the universe comes from the Earth, so of course any chance we get to preserve her we do. The "Weed is Legal in my House" welcome mat is no exception with its recycled rubber backing broadcasting your love for not only smoking it, but living green too. As if you needed another reason to add this to your dank dojo it's also super easy to clean, providing stress free accent that fits in with our stoner lifestyle.

Be prepared to walk into your house with your head held high and your mind even higher cause hey... weed is legal here.

April 30, 2019 — Andy Bertino