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StonerDays Cannabis Apparel Signature Collection

StonerDays Cannabis Apparel Signature Collection

StonerDays is known for having the sickest selections when it comes to cannabis apparel

Visions of voodoo skulls and the all seeing eye eventually travel to your thoughts when getting stoned, so wearing these beautiful reminders is beyond dope. T shirts, razor-backs, and cannabis inspired hoodies, pick your poison and throw one on ASAP. As the Autumn season approaches these pieces are perfect for flowy cool breezes or layering vividly dramatic graphics during the winter months. Being comfortable in your stoner style is the name of the game. With winning combinations coming at you left and right, don't hesitate to refill your wardrobe with these flaming selections.
StonerDays Cannabis Apparel Signature Collection
Some might say these clothes would fall right in line for festivals during Dia De La Muertos, better known as " Day of the Dead". A holiday celebrated in Mexico and some other Spanish speaking countries in honor of souls that have passed.

StonerDays weed shirts signature collection continues to raise the bar.

Or maybe the namaste vibes coming from these T's has you in the mood to showcase your peaceful stoner lifestyle on top of looking sexy and mysterious. Naturally as humans we use fashion as a way to connect with one another; the quality of conversation waiting to be had in these garments will be equally as pulsating as your 3rd eye in these pineal prints.
StonerDays cannabis apparel signature collection continues to raise the bar.
Stonerdays has made this new collection just for you, yea we mean you.... The rare unique toker that you are. Boldly stomp the streets in something you're proud of; your higher state of mind, and you're awesome threads.
September 17, 2018 — Andy Bertino