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Military Cannabis Clothing: Operation Support The Troops

Operation: Support The Troops - A Tribute To Our U.S. Military

Introducing our all new Military Cannabis Clothing collection. Every creative collection of Stonerdays clothing is stitched with love and a symbolic purpose to make you feel good in the skin you're in while representing the inner stoner. This includes pot- heads from every creed and walk of life and especially all the Stoner Soldiers that have risked their lives on the front line, spent countless hours of training, and expelled blood sweat and tears defending our country by any means necessary. We support all the troops past, future, and present with these kick ass Military designs and all at a whopping 33% off!

It doesn't matter if you're active duty, a Veteran, or just cut like that, we've got camo for days and just the right assortment of colors to send the nostalgic mind right back to 4th of July.

Military Cannabis Clothing: Operation Support The Troops

What's that funky ass smell in the dojo? It's the dank for sure but it's also your fragrant grenade toes festering like a flagrant foul left on the stadium floor. You've got fire ass buds on the souls of your toes so there's no mistaking who's the man with the plan... No matter how long you choose to keep them on without a wash and a chance to duel with the sock monster.

Nothing screams warrior louder than this emerald green Punisher type scull that shows off the big guns as well as your dedication to a wealthy nation that breeds some of the finest Mota.

Sure military from every branch have more than done their part in being advocates for the truth. You and we are the foundation of positive change and a constant forward way of thinking. Strap on this cool blue Legalize It peace sign apparel and let the states still living in the dark ages know that the progression is awesome, but our dedication to freeing Cannabis Sativa still isn't over, and we're out to paint the wounds of the past a beautiful shade of green.
These and so many other Patriotic kick ass clothing and accessories are right at your fingerprint ready to be exposed to the public.

Weed is universally becoming a symbol for love and freedom once again, which is something Support The Troops can relate to wholeheartedly. You've toked up thick smoke to calm night terrors, sooth PTSD bouts, and remind you of who you've always been. Wear your scars on the forefront of your soul and Support the Troops wearing these sick designs as you feel the healing begin to take place under quality cotton fabrics and design.

May 12, 2020 — Andy Bertino

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