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New Cannabis Apparel: Dr Dank is Just Passin Thru
The Ether that is the cosmos is exactly where you can find Dr. Dank and his basket of bacon aka Piggly Pot. Never aimlessly wondering, but quietly and efficiently healing the nation with magical ganja, the herbs of the most high.
Dr. Dank embarks on a mystical journey but once a year when the blue moon rises high above the rest. His goal is simple and that is to counteract the chem trails of the evils with THC and CBD dust to penetrate and mainly uplift the masses.
The bike is merely the tool he uses to transcend all dimensions and time, a universal symbol for movement, growth, and in multiple countries wealth.
Galactic alliances are a reality and becoming more prevelant as our dome continues to float and rotate... The wisdom that secrets from the Dank man's wisdom is the glue holding our Galaxy and the surrounding moons at Bay. Piggly Pot plans a much bigger role than most basketed pork his size. His fat lumpy body is filled with pure love and wealth, a symbol of complete peace embodied through swine to show earthlings that none of what we've been taught is true. Never entangled in greed but floating above the cosmos in abundance and cool chronic vibes.
There is nothing new under the sun as we have always been taught, and Dr. Dank will never let us forget the light and love as long as there is smoke in his lungs, and just as our stoney hearts, eternally an angel of the herb.


January 31, 2020 — Andy Bertino

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