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Black Friday Cannabis Clothing Deals

Black Friday Cannabis Clothing Deals

We're talking Black Friday Cannabis Clothing Deals and we've got the hottest deals and even hotter pot-head apparel and accessories for 40% off! Your stoned eyes don't lie my friends and our Black Friday extends to the entire site on every collection. Forget the stress of bumper to bumper traffic and irritated un-stoned shoppers all in your grill, get your roll up ritual in check and blaze a fat one while you fill your cart in peace. This is just what you need to make this Black Friday a complete TGIF situation.

Black Friday Cannabis Clothing Deals at 40% off means it's time to replace all the pieces in your closet that have reached their "potency" so to speak, and why not start with hoodies. The ones you have now are so lived in you're still pulling threads from it out your DNA. Our "Hoodies for Weed Lovers" collection is where dope lives with designs like the "Enlightened Gorilla", "Night Owl Genetics", and "Bear on a Bike", you can be any or all three of these high spirit animals depending on your mood.

Black Friday Cannabis Clothing Deals

Showing off the love of your life has never been easier with selective "Sativa", "Indica", and "Hybrid" hoodies... you're going home to at least one of them tonight and we want to know who.

Black Friday Cannabis Clothing Deals From Your Friends at StonerDays

In a Higher State of Mind is where the stoned feel comfortable and the "HSOM" collection helps you stay there with sweet socks and trippy tie-die T's that remind you it really is the simple things that make a session complete. Smack dab in the middle of a delicious cough you look down and catch a glimpse of crisp foliage covering you as you walk the earth but never letting you forget how high up in the trees you truly are. Hints of lime green that stick out in all the right places, subtle yet necessary just like your Higher State of Mind.

No Black Friday sale on earth would be complete without something just for the ladies so for all the sexy stoner chicks reading head over to the women's apparel section to see where sativa and seduction become one. Womens cannabis racerbacks and regular tanks to get you ready for next season or some cuddly chronic nights by the fireplace. Just when you thought your life was complete BOOM... crop top hoodies. "Medicated and Educated" and the "Mason Jar" designs are classy and whimsical with a somewhat sporty dynamic that makes them very versatile. With turkey day behind us our low eyes are focused on Christmas and those special stoners we hope to always see in our rotation. Show them how much you really care with a Stonerdays "I Bud You, I Bud You More" combo complete with a heart shaped nug graphic to symbolize the burning passion.

Don't miss the chance to turn this year's Black Friday Cannabis Clothing Deals event into your green Friday, and shop the entire site for 40% OFF! You might be stuffed, but victory never tasted this good.

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