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Christmas Cannabis Clothing To Bring In The Seasons Vibes

Tis the season for Christmas Cannabis Clothing, stoners! The time of year where we get to see shiny illuminated trees everywhere we turn and not just tucked neatly inside our blunts and doobs. Good cheer and high vibes are in abundance and of course the gift giving too. This season's Stonerdays Christmas Collection has so many enchanting choices to choose from you'll find yourself taking the roll of Santa in no time.

We not only sell Christmas Cannabis Apparel but we also carry a wide selection of stoney accessories. There's no better way to send season's greetings than with a greeting card, and we've got you covered. The Stoney Santa card brightens faces instantly when you see his satchel of nugs hopefully headed to your house.

StonerDays Christmas Cannabis Clothing

These quality Christmas socks make the absolute best stocking stuffers, not to mention having you looking extra lit come Christmas morning all in your comfy clothes and ready to blaze up under the tree. The vibrant red and green playoff each other so well on the "Candy Canes and Kush" Weed socks giving you all the nostalgic feels of your childhood enhanced by the dank of your adulthood.

"Hi I'm Lit". There really hasn't been a better opening line since "Merry Christmas", and these dope socks have married the two for ultimate comfort and stoner appeal. Colorful light bulbs strung around the skunk showing everyone which Christmas trees you prefer best.

The nice list continues with sweet T's like "Let's Get Lit" complete with a blitzed Santa and a bag of chronic, we finally know where the nickname Jolly St. Nick comes from. The "Lit AF" T is straight to the point because you're just that and so are the ornaments on the tree, glistening just the same as the THC crystals on the bowl you've just set fire to. Both of these designs also have a matching hoodie option for when coziness is a must.

Baked goods during the holidays makes munchies so much more exciting to look forward to. Pies, cakes, and cookies galore and of course the infamous gingerbread man. "Let's get Baked" features a stoned gingerbread that is clearly elated to be this baked. This line includes everything you need to chase the ba-humbug's away from hoodies to sweatshirts, racer-backs, and T's, to dab mats and mugs screaming to be filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows. whatever you're style there's a little baked man ready to cater to it and he's filled with the holiday spirit.

Christmas Cannabis Apparel

Maybe you've got a thing for cats or clever wordplay but we know this "Smoke Meowt" crop top hoodie is exactly what you've been asking Santa for. Complete with his hat straight from the North Pole, this cat's turning heads for sure.

There are some of us that simply refer to this time of year as "sweatshirt season" and in cold parts of the world the ugly sweater parties are about to be live and poppin'. Throw on a Stonerdays "Jolly AF" ugly reindeer sweater, definitely not the shabbiest thing in your wardrobe but will have you fitting the theme for sure.

Put on some Christmas music while you browse these awesome selections, spark the blizzie and get so deep in the season's vibes you hardly notice yourself singing "Kush nugs roasting on an open fire", in your best Nat King Cole voice. Merry Christmas stoners!

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November 15, 2019 — Andy Bertino

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