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New Dab Mats Stoner Visuals ( BEHIND STONED EYES)

NEW Dab Mats Now Available Behind Stoned Eyes

When anyone a part of the stoner nation lights up and takes that first inhale, a decision has been made... And that's the one to get stoned. StonerDays all new dab mats bring in the stoniest artwork to any sesh. We love the feeling of being high and all the wonderful ins and outs that come with it, but just what is it that keeps us coming back for more? All 6 senses are alert and at the ready, but something more than special occurs when the Windows to the soul begin to slightly lower and tint themselves with a shade of red that screams I'm lifted.

This is THC vision at it's best with your pupils eager to view this world with a perspective only some are fortunate to experience. Sky high eyes love the view they see from Mary Jane's mountain peaks, now the only decision is in which direction to point them. For the retrospective or philosophical stoner we recommend the ever so popular people watching. If a complete unplug is more of your vibe then you're gonna be looking toward your favorite eye gripping and soul pounding music videos for the ultimate viewing experience. We'll let your peepers do the deciding.


Observing other humans while your neurons are throwing a rave is way more satisfying than it should be. Watching all the different face variations that exist in your area, not to mention all over the world is enough to have you trapped in the mirror for at least an hour trying out new expressions and ways to laugh and cry. Using Cannabis as a sort of microscope for observing the humanoid condition on this beautiful planet will bring you closer to yourself in ways you never thought could.

StonerDays trippy dab mats

Hot-boxing presents the perfect opportunity to take your nosey to the next level. Roll all the Windows up, lean the seat back, and light that bowl, soon you'll become the high creepy eyes peering from a distance at all the lonely people wondering where do they all come from?


Turning on your favorite jam when you're stoned to the bone can make all the difference in the world and bring clarity to even the most confusing situation. For the first time in a long time you're able to hear just how perfectly that low bass line melts into the snare and rhythm guitar to form one complete mind fuck that only Mary Jane provides. Paired with the images from the video and maybe a tall glass of water to curve the cotton mouth, you should be beautifully occupied for hours.

Mandala Dab Mats

Observing our favorite musicians through their music videos is how we gain perspective into their lives, and how we gain that connection that bonds us together. Trippy trees dab mats have always been synonymous with all genres of music and the multiple cultures that express themselves through it, when all else fails and your Smokey mind is looking to be put at ease, don't hesitate to click that YouTube app and get in the mood for the ultimate visuals as well as mental stimulation.

As creatures on this cosmic earth we naturally speak and communicate through visuals so why not make it count? Take every opportunity to get so blitzed your vision transcends from 20/20 to 4/20.

January 14, 2020 — nick dewitt

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