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420 Friendly Neck Gaiters For Cannabis Lovers

StonerDays announces all new 420 friendly neck gaiters for cannabis lovers. The moment you've all been waiting on is finally here and Stonerdays is putting things into perspective with exclusive next level Neck Gaiters that are so much more than your dope winter time accessory.

What you have before your hazed eyes is multi-dimensional fashion at its highest peak. Show the inner most faded parts of your personality with fun loving designs like the "Trippy Mouse", or put a classy touch to your stone with sativa encrusted rose buds mingled in your clouds of smoke.

cannabis neck gaiters

Artistic touches like the ones carefully added to the "Spirit Animal" design instantly take you back to a place of rustic routes roots and pair naturally with anything your wardrobe has to offer. Positive vibes are what we thrive on and pass on the daily just like fat blunts by the fire. Our "OG Skull" design turns heads that are all smiling back at you with friendly low eyes.

420 friendly face mask

Off the wall cannabis inspired face mask give us life with these vibes and purpose as well. Yes, these kick ass designs are also useful as masks in areas that require one for safety and lawful reasons. While covering your nasal openings and mouth, you can also breathe easy in knowing you're healthy with a healthy sense of fashion as well.

Inhale slow and scroll even slower, careful to choose the Neck Gaiter that goes best with your ganja style. With more dope choices soon to surface, get in the fire while it's smokin'... Just like us.
August 07, 2020 — nick dewitt

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