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StonerDays Pop Art Cannabis Fashion is Back in Stock!

StonerDays Pop Art Cannabis Fashion Is Filled with LEGENDS studded from the past, present, and FUTURE.

This pop art cannabis collection is what we call a fashion feature, but with killer dab matts thrown into the mix we'll don this one the coolest chronic collection. Pop Art has never been this appealing to pot partakers since we can remember and neither can you.

John Lennon, Bob Marley, and Einstein are just a few of the LEGENDS available in these colorful unique styles. Get loose and get versatile with T-Shirts and hoodies, racer backs and Men's Tanks because face it just like that blunt and realize there really isn't a wrong selection.

Pop Art Cannabis Fashion

It doesn't take Einstein to see that himself as well as Snoop are ingenious in Pop Art form is more than any one could have expected. These type of threads make the most epic of statements and instantly control the boardwalks of street and mind. The place where Mary Jane meets music and fandom culture is a magical one so intertwined the two are almost inextinguishable.

Snuggled neatly in the midst of cool cottons are THE most stellar dab matts with the faces of the ones who adorned our childhood well into adulting and helped us to love life. Salvador Dali and his mustache underneath your rig incite new realms of stone you thought you'd never reach. Mr. Hendrix plays no games about getting high and playing even higher riffs. Snoop Dogg stares back at you with fat ass doob in hand with a look that's nothing other than West Coast approval.

No matter the mood you find yourself in these days, make sure to add a little Pop Art into your trippy mix to make it's official.

August 11, 2020 — nick dewitt

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