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The 710 Collection For Cannabis Lovers and Dabbers Only!

710 cannabis clothing

The 710 Collection For Cannabis Lovers and Dabbers Only!

The explosions of 4th of July are still ringing true to your eardrums and it feels fantastic, but don't get too used to the calm after the storm because 7/10 is fastly approaching and you've got dabbing to do.

This 710 OIL fest has to be done to the fullest, so Stonerdays suggests you get all your essentials in one location and DAB IT UP!

7/10 all began when one innovative and insanely lifted smoker( or group of stoners)realized that this date, if read backwards and upside down as letters spells... You guessed it Oil.

710 collection by StonerDays
It's a stoner Holiday that gets us higher than most and turns any day of the week into an instant potency party. It emulates 4/20 vibes in July with thick smoke lingering in the air but with explosions that are much more subtle and take place in your psyche. Stonerdays has got you covered with all things OIL related, from the know how to get you blitzed to brand new Creativity Mats that put respect on your rigs name.

Vape pens of any brand come in cannabis clutch on this sacred day and a trip to your local dispensary will have you picking out the most potent THC extract to mellow your day through to the next one.

710 cannabis concentrate clothing

Celebrate your peace of mind as it melts smoother than butter but 10x more satisfying than land of lakes has ever been. Take your time, breathe deep and exhale even harder because its 7/10 and we were definitely gonna hit dabs anyway.

July 09, 2020 — nick dewitt

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