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Flowers On Flowers Creativity Mat Set


Creativity Mats for Creative Stoners.

This trippy dab mat collection defies all boundaries and puts a new spin on one of our favorite pastimes...DABS! StonerDays wants to see you put your best high designs to the test and let your imagination run wild.

All Creativity Mats Include 20 Unique Colors:

  • 20 Unique Colors: A full rainbow of unique eye-catching colors at your disposal.
  • Vivid, water-based ink colors for a variety of applications
  • Durable fiber tip produces fine lines
  • Generous ink supply is excellent for decorating creativity mats
  • Snap-fit cap prevents tip from drying out
  • Non-Toxic

Large Dab Mat Dimensions: 

  • 12" X 8" diameter
  • 1/4" thick
  • Polyester with open cell black rubber backing.

Round Dab Mat Dimensions:

  • 8" diameter
  • 1/4" thick
  • Polyester with open cell black rubber backing.

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Thank you for all your support in the Cannabis Community! We stand together in this march to bring world awareness to this Miracle plant.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Julianna Elverud
Creative Stoner

I adore this whole concept and product. I like to get a Lil stoned and then let my creativity flow. This Creativity Dab Mat not only allows me to be creative and constructive, but I'm giving a well made, much needed, and Hella fun to get "grass creative' on something that will FOREVER be used and will be apart of my smoking collection!!! Genius Product invention!!!

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