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Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Cannabis Couples

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Cannabis Couples

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at StonerDays. 

Looking for that unique gift for your loved ones this year? We are making this easy for all of are stoners on a budget. Check out our Valentine's Day Collection For Cannabis Couples page and personalize your gift this year with quality product at discount pricing. Enjoy!

valentine's day collection for cannabis couples

No matter what your relationship status reads on your social media this year, one thing we can all agree on is our intense love affair with Mary Jane. Valentine’s Day is different for stoners in the best way possible; with all the potential emotions stirring up on this day we're sure to remain in our favorite one...Highness. Love, cuddles, and good vibes are an everyday occurrence so here's a few things you might want to try this February 14th to guarantee yourself some reefer romance.

Making edibles the star of a sexy show is always a good idea with so many directions to go in. Bud brownies not only warm the soul but hearts, effortlessly putting you into the perfect trance. No need for love potions when there's a potent batch of canna-butter handy, simply whip into any aphrodisiac, Devil's food cake, or other treat and see low eyes turn to heart eyes as you float through the skies. Makes for the perfect date night in or making that movie you’re seeing so much better.

valentine's day collection for cannabis couples

Giving a bouquet of kush to a pothead pal would be well received for sure, but what about kicking it up a notch? Mary Jane gift baskets/bags filled with little stoner essentials and munchies are a great way to showcase to your loved ones that you really do care. Accessories like rolling papers, grinder, a fresh Bic, and some twizzlers really look amazing arranged together with a few hearts. It can be something as simple as laying out a spread of you and your company's favorite noms and watching the boob tube during an intimate chill session to highlight that Cupid loves Cannabis.

There are few things less romantic in this world than being super blitzed... higher than you thought you would be and so intensely happy you arrived. A creative way to inhale more THC than usual is the beloved extendo; the act of combining two blunt wraps, or multiple rolling papers to make the blunt extra long or "extended" thus birthing an extendo. Not only do they look super cool but a great way to up the ante to elevate your stone. If macaroni necklaces was your sort of thing back in the day then try your hand at kush and crafts, the art of rolling doobies into shapes such as hearts, diamonds, and other nifty shapes. You-tube tutorials make it fairly simple to nail these and impress the session and yourself!
valentine's day collection for cannabis couples
Stonerdays wishes you the best Valentines vaping and chocolate covered cannabis treats during the month of lovers, and encourages you to remember the only way to keep Ms. Jane close to your heart is through your lungs. Happy Valentines Day tokers!


January 28, 2019 — Andy Bertino

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