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Hemp T-Shirts For Cannabis Connoisseurs Made With Love By StonerDays

Hemp T-Shirts For Cannabis Connoisseurs Made With Love By StonerDays 

For centuries pot head pioneers have been using ever so versatile hemp for tons of useful things, one of the most intriguing being hemp clothing. This unique stonerdays collection is all about the miracle plant and the trippy and innovative designs we spun from it.


Cozy doesn't even begin to describe the feel of this fabric against your skin, and it will most likely become the softest T-shirt in your wardrobe. Feeling comfortable in your own skin is something we take pride in and happens with every toke we take, so having that comfortable sensation cross over to your clothes is more than just fashionable but luxury.

Music and marijuana have come together once again to make magic with pop art style icons like John Lennon dripping with vivid colors. Or be prepared to enter the doors into a new dimension while rocking a stunning Jim Morrison T. Depending on what genre you're most at home with there's the ever so lit Jimi style, and of course a quite inspirational chiefin' Bob.

In honor of these naturally awesome hemp shirts you could also be sporting "Support local Farmers", maybe "Don't Panic Plant Hemp". Either one of these will get the point across that you see the bigger picture. We love smoking cannabis, and when they look this appealing, wearing the fibers too! The only way to ensure this lush green way of life is to grow of course, guaranteeing pot-heads a rich hemp future.

Hemp t-shirts

With so many to choose from there's no reason you won't arrive at the next function getting high harder than you ever have while sitting in your softest Tee. You can also find some stonerdays favorites like "Higher State of Mind" and "Good Vibes", spreading just that in rasta red, green, and yellow colors.

This time let Mary roll you and wrap you up in her embrace with pure hemp love, shirts that not only look, but feel different too.

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May 03, 2019 — Andy Bertino

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